Karen Needham

I just turned 32 when I got married back in the fall of 1998.

I met my husband a couple years earlier and loved telling the story about how we sat next to each other on a flight home from New York to Boston and fell in love.

I often told myself I was so lucky to have found him.  I was certain that we would be together forever.

Turns out I was wrong.  

My marriage lasted 18 years and ended, literally, overnight.  

The abrupt way my marriage ended was so painful that I found myself struggling to understand what happened and was very confused about what to do next.  

As a successful professional in the Retail industry for many years, confusion was not something I experienced often.  I prided myself on being logical, calm and possessing a great deal of fortitude as I built my corporate career. However, none of that mattered as I was completely unprepared and ill equipped to handle divorce.

I felt totally lost.

I was overwhelmed with the failure of my marriage.

My days were filled with anxiety and shame, and during most nights you could toss in a heavy dose of fear and you’d have a pretty good picture of what my life was like.  

There was also a tremendous sense of grief as I mourned the loss of my marriage, our family unit, and the life I had built with my husband over the better part of 2 decades.

After about two months of spinning, I knew I needed help finding my way forward and made a commitment to myself to take one small step at a time.  

I hired a coach.

The work I did with my coach was life changing and I found my world profoundly transformed.  

My coach encouraged me to look at all aspects of my life, not just my marriage.  I challenged beliefs that no longer served me and I willingly let them go.

I came to see that my marriage did not fail but instead it ended and was now complete.  I also learned the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness not only for my husband but also for myself.

My experience with my coach lit a passion in me to help other women find their way through the darkness of divorce.  

I became a coach.

I became a certified life coach the same year my divorce was finalized and I now get to spend time helping women write the next amazing chapter of their lives.

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